Home window tint simi valley

Home Window Tint Simi Valley

Home window tint simi valley

Daylight inside your house adds a fresh and vibrant new look to your rooms. But excessive sunlight can add heat to your rooms and deteriorate the furnishings and fade the hardwood floors. Most fabrics, artwork, and furnishings are highly likely to get damaged and fade due to exposure to direct sunlight passing through untreated windows. Tinting windows is a great and effective way to regulate the amount the sunlight entering your home. Window tinting also reduces glare inside the home making your room more comfortable. As for tinting, your home windows will reduce the heat and harmful UV rays inside your home, you’ll save on air-conditioning costs as well. If you’re looking for the best window tinting solutions for your home or office, make Home Window Tint your number one choice. Home Window Tint provides and installs all kinds of residential window tint ranging from decorative to solar.

Why Install Home Window Tint?

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

If you redecorated or furnished your home, it is necessary to tint your windows. Otherwise, harmful UV rays from the direct sun or excessive daylight can damage the paint, furnishings and fade the floors. Most fabrics, artwork, and furnishings can be easily damaged or faded when sunlight passes through untreated windows. At Home Window Tint, all of our staffs are highly trained window tinting experts. Our tinted windows will effectively block more than 99% of all UV rays. According to doctors, it is recommended that people tint the windows of their homes to protect from direct sunlight and UV rays which can reportedly cause various skin related diseases, skin cancers, and solar sensitivity of the skin.

Regulates Heat & Glare

Excessive heat and glare inside homes can create problems such as heat build-up and high energy bills due to air-conditioning. Home Window Tint Simi Valley can help you minimize the heat and glare related issues with window tinting while increasing comfort and reducing overall energy costs as well.


Protect Your Family

At Home Window Tint, we offer and install window films on the window that are made of thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives. The films appear clear and invisible, yet sturdy. The window films we use during window tinting forms a barrier that can hold glass when shattered during an earthquake, break-ins and other incidents. As a result, window tints can protect you and your family from the dangers of flying shattered glass.

Home Window Tint believes in the power of the team. If you’re looking for the right person to install window tints on your home, think of us. We provide the best service and quality to our clients. You’ll that you’re in good hands the moment you first speak with us. Our customer service and satisfaction are unmatched. We are always one step ahead of our competitors because we consistently train and invest our staff. We only hire and retain only the best and brightest staffs.

Professionalism, reliability, unmatched customer service, exceptional customer satisfaction, and courteous service is the motto of Home Window Tint Simi Valley. Security, privacy and anonymity are extremely important to us which is why everyone at our company undergoes regular background checks and drug screenings. All of our completed projects comes with extensive guarantees from our suppliers and partners. Our window tint products are covered by the most comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties nationwide. Each staff working at the company is factory certified and adhere strictly to standard operating procedures. In addition, all of our professional installations are certified.

We are determined to deliver our customers the highest level of professionalism and quality in the industry. We adhere to a philosophy to build our business by delighting and satisfying our clients. We are always working hard to understand what our customers want and provide solutions that exceed their expectations. We spend a lot of time working with clients and training our employees to provide consistent customer service that our competitors.

At Home Window Tint Simi Valley, we have an impressive list of satisfied customers from a range of high profile window tint installations completed over the past several years. During window tint installations, we take great care to protect the furnishings of our customer’s homes. We complete our projects in such a way that minimizes disturbance and does not impact the home or office environment.

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